Mezak Treasure Hunt

"Message in a Bottle Series"


"Message in a Bottle - One World"  by Trevor Mezak

"Message in a Bottle - One World"

by Trevor Mezak


Trevor Mezak is not your traditional fine artist. Hes more of an eccentric, adventure seeking, out-of-the-box thinker. He doesnt do things in a traditional way. In keeping with his true self, he buried a painting years ago and has been sitting on the clues ever since.    

Recently he started painting his Message in a Bottle series and found that this was the perfect opportunity to begin hiding clues in each painting as to the whereabouts of his buried treasure. There are four paintings in the series and one will need to look at all of the paintings to find the location.

 He states, “As a child, I was always interested in treasure hunts, especially movies and books with buried treasure. I remember being disappointed to find that many real-life hunts were marketing schemes and didnt lead to a true treasure. Because of this, Ive created my hunt with something of actual value. Im hoping people will get off their screens and out into the world searching for treasure. It is designed for the adventurous person that wants to get their feet wet and their hands dirty.  Is this you? If so, enjoy the search!