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Is it the tool in her hand or the effect she has on you? Impact.

Giclee’ Limited Edition  $2995                                                          48” x 35” #/100

AP/PP Edition Giclee on Canvas $3745
48″ x 35″

Small Giclee on Canvas $1995
30″ x 22″

Original Painting also available
48″ x 35 Contact the gallery for pricing

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Impact was one of eight pieces auctioned at the Playboy Mansion for the “It’s All About the Kids” foundation. An instant collector favorite, Impact therefore combines the coolness of a sexy, classic car with the intrigue of a woman who isn’t afraid to get dirty. Best of both worlds? We would say so. With all the attention this piece has been getting since its debut, one might wonder whether the title refers to the tool in the woman’s hand or the affect it has on its viewers. With Scotty’s signature red overflowing onto the canvas, a sense of empowerment blends flawlessly with the feeling of dirt and oil.

Scotty is the premier automobile artist in the fine art world. His car art done in his unique #TastefullyEdgy style is truly iconic. If you were to see the artist painting, you would instantly recognize his undeniable talent to create #SexyCool scenes out of brushes and canvas. Looking for the perfect car painting to add to your collection? Look no further than Fine Art by Scotty.

Scotty’s Brain:

“Love long zippers.”